Repetition,Endurance and Ritual

“In the moment when we realize that the spirit is in the material…the material becomes spirit-Gina Pane”

I rework my piece. According to The conditioning, first action of Self-portrait(s), I saw the process of this work , I can understand use the burning candles to show people’s mental and physical figure.It looks like performer use environmental stimulation to stimulate body’s and emotional change. “Pain and fear could be understood as the material of the work.”  I connect this sentence with the ideas to show my ideas.

I only use physical activities because the audience can easily see the change about the bodies and give them some imagination. They can feel various emotion through watching,listening and imaging.

During the progress, I covered my face with my hair and wear whole black clothing. Use various space and position to show physical emotion.I connect three words in my work: Mental,Physical,Artistic form.

  1. Ideas( Mental stimulation )
  2. Explore body movement to show mental emotion(Translating process)
  3. Catch reasonable gestures (Physical stimulation)
  4. Enlarge these gestures(Motion processing)
  5. Artistic form.

In addition, to repetition, I use some gestures to repetition the reason why I want emphasis the main movements and emotion. Giving “Dark” emotion to audience. I am not limited by Endurance and Ritual,so, these are not obvious.

Marina Abramović -Body Pressure

                    ” what if choreography is an inspiration of our own life? “


For this process of work, I connect my own life experiences into work. Through step’s pressure and body’s pressure to floor , I explore some questions.

During this process, I think about something:

  • How can I express my own experiences to the audience ?
  • How about their feeling ?
  • What can their think through this work ?
  • Whether it can break people’s attention when I saw audience ?
  • Is good or bad for too much movements to show my own experiences ? Whether the audience can understand the relationship between movement and experience ?
  • Is the performing form is subjective ?