Think about readings


Noe argues that perception is a ‘skillful [bodily] activity’, and is not just the reception and decoding/processing of information/data from the world out there.Instead,it requires that we move through,inhabit and act in the world-a kind of ‘practical knowledge’ or ‘know-how'(Noe 2004:11).It means that it can understand the real meaning through observation.



Space ought to open to each other so that spectators can see each other and move from one place to another. The overall feel of the theater ought to be a place where choices can be made, (Schechner 1994:30). Connect my work, the audience should see my work form the whole space, and I should create work from different space, such as corner and floor and so on.



‘What I call’ my present’ has one foot in my past, and another in the future'(Rush 1999:12) Time, for me,  it means that I can play with time.



Seven Easy Pieces and Performance Document(ation)s

By Benjamin D.Powell

The whole article describe the whole process about Seven Easy Pieces, watching the whole process and connect with video, I can understand produce some ideas form this performance. And it can help me easily understand performance and make me to think about it.




Space and Light

Through the last course, I took some inspirations. I use the studio 3 on Friday.

Firstly, I open the light and sitting the central space, I put some noise to listen. I feel it kind of very hard to influence me.

Moreover, I close the light and sitting the corner, be silent.

I  lay the floor, I feel so scary, there are no people in this space.

In addition, I took my phone to saw the photos about earthquake , I recalled some memories, these environment and photos stimulate me. so, I cry, I cannot see the photos. About 15 minutes, I cheer up and open the light.


To summary, I connect the module content with environmental pressure to restore the event. Change different space and spatial performance.


I use some tools such as candles and stones to restore scene.

I lay on the ground and waiting someone to help me, but I can’t hear any voice. I can clearly hear my heartbeat .”Dong….Dong….” and my voice of breath.

I put the candle in front of me, I feel so cold and I watched candle’s light.

I use my right hand to touch it.But I can’t touch it because some stones hinder my actions.

I can’t move .

I up my head to look the candle and  feel very hard to move.

I gave up to touch the light.

I want kick the stones,but I cannot use my power from my bodies, maybe I keep this gesture for a long time and lead to my body numb and powerless.But I try to do it.

I take deeply breath and grab the ground and gaze the sky, I want try to do it ,but I still feel powerless.

I slowly breath because I don’t have enough power.

I am still waiting……

I use my hands, use my legs, use left hand to touch my right hand.

Using my left hand to touch my face and touch my neck,pleural,waist,thigh,and pat my thighs.

Active my feet,slowly contracting my body…

I found some stones failing from me, but I feel still hurt and my body very hard to control.

I up my head to look at the candle again….

Final Work

Who I am ?

Where it is ?

What I am doing ?

Why I cannot see the light ?

I feel so cold…….

I want drink water….





My legs cannot move…..

I cannot open my eyes,What happen…

I cannot feel my fingers…

What’s the matter ?

I feel some stones buried my body…

How can I do ?

Help , help me ,help me please.

What is the sound?

I cannot speak use my mouth….Who speak ?     Heartbeat….

So cold , give me fire….







Keywords: Earthquake , Hope,  Pain, Fear,Dark




Repetition,Endurance and Ritual

“In the moment when we realize that the spirit is in the material…the material becomes spirit-Gina Pane”

I rework my piece. According to The conditioning, first action of Self-portrait(s), I saw the process of this work , I can understand use the burning candles to show people’s mental and physical figure.It looks like performer use environmental stimulation to stimulate body’s and emotional change. “Pain and fear could be understood as the material of the work.”  I connect this sentence with the ideas to show my ideas.

I only use physical activities because the audience can easily see the change about the bodies and give them some imagination. They can feel various emotion through watching,listening and imaging.

During the progress, I covered my face with my hair and wear whole black clothing. Use various space and position to show physical emotion.I connect three words in my work: Mental,Physical,Artistic form.

  1. Ideas( Mental stimulation )
  2. Explore body movement to show mental emotion(Translating process)
  3. Catch reasonable gestures (Physical stimulation)
  4. Enlarge these gestures(Motion processing)
  5. Artistic form.

In addition, to repetition, I use some gestures to repetition the reason why I want emphasis the main movements and emotion. Giving “Dark” emotion to audience. I am not limited by Endurance and Ritual,so, these are not obvious.