Exploration about work

These days, I found that my work it can connect with Humanity, so, I found some resources from online to stimulate my ideas. I watched a film named Aftershock , which was published by Xiaogang Feng, who is a famous director in China. And this film described that In 1969, the truck driver Fang Daqiang ushered in his twin children in prayer: Fang Deng and Fonda. His wife Li Yuanni had almost killed, but finally,  the mother and child, one family happy to leave the hospital and happy life. Time to 1976, Tangshan, a medium-sized industrial city, although the family has only a small space, but warm and harmonious. Sister Deng more active than brother Fonda, Fang Daqiang often go out in the outside and he not easy to come back again, the siblings are very happy when their dad came home. One July evening party, it went back to his home in the community on the road outside, Fang Daqiang and Yuan Niduo in the truck around, sudden earthquake.
To save the child, Fang Daqiang died, Fang Deng and Fonda was the same block floor pressure on both sides, whether people want to save one, must give up another. Choose from Ni yuan’s ailing brother, but the head of Deng hear mother choice. After the earthquake, Yuan Ni alone to raise their son, choose to live, the surviving party military Wang Deqing couples to adopt, entering into a new world. From the lives of mother and daughter, sister, until 32 years after the Wenchuan earthquake, the life of their back together.

Actually, I got some feedback form this film. The three people, mother, son and daughter.

Mother: Mother, in order to own the original decision, has been sad. For 32 years, she has been condemned by conscience, unable to get out of the shadow of the earthquake. For them, it should give more care and understanding.

Daughter: Daughter, for her mother’s original decision, has been rejected resentment. 32 years, she had not been back to Tangshan to find relatives, she has a special feeling for complex painful memories, she can not forget Tangshan, but also can not forget her mother’s choice, the painful memories that she once again awakened from a nightmare!

Son: Son, although the earthquake brought him physical disability, he was lucky compared to his mother and daughter, because his heart was healthy and bright. He wanted to fight for those who died, the living people, and ultimately, by virtue of their own hard work, from scratch, fought out a piece of heaven and earth. It also represents the status of the younger generation after the earthquake, they have experienced heavy losses, more cherish life, more hard up; they are a new force, is the new life of the pioneers and builders.

Although the terrible earthquake, but far less than the earthquake brings to people’s life and the inner world shaking more destructive; but even the vibrations are daunting, but tolerance, understanding, strong and true love between people, but it can resolve all the pain. Time in the past, can not afford to wipe out the family, is miss. Love let hatred die, love let the family forever !

characteristics( Unknown,2011)

As Ralph Ellison(Unknown) said that “Life is to be lived, not controlled; and humanity is won by continuing to play in face of certain defeat.”

Work Feedback


For my work, in the beginning, I just want to show myself a memory of the earthquake, but later,I found that it not only showed the earthquake, but also reflects the desire to survive for human being. In the work, I was in a dark environment, the audience can only see the candle light, the entire space very quiet. The audience’s eyes were focused on me, and I moved slowly, trying everything possible to approach the candlelight. Because of the presence of rocks around the body, it is difficult to move. When I started to work, I felt the pain that the rock was pressing on me and it was hard to move. I tried to make a sound, but it was hard for me to say a word. In class, I only show a part of the work, not all show. But after the show, I know how to adjust my work.

My tutor gave me advice, let me put the stones scattered around, and finally in a pile of stones. In addition to the use of props, in this quiet space, when I began to perform,  it can match my heart want to express, want to say the voice, etc. Let the audience look not so simple, boring. The audience can also understand through this voice.

In summary, the candles and stones used in my props are like obstacles and light in my life. Candlelight represents people’s desire to survive, the stone represents all the difficulties, only to break through many difficulties in order to obtain warmth and hope.


To be honesty, I cannot understand the meaning about ” Interactivity ” before studying it. When I after reading this book. I found the ” Interactivity ” is connect various materials, such as the communication of audience and performer. For instance, Seven Easy Pieces, when the performer show the performance, the performer look around the audience’s reflection and hear their sounds. On the contrary, the audience focus on performer’s performance and give performer some feedback through their facial emotion and body reflection. An audience is never completely passive, regardless of whether the work that they are watching is described as ‘ interactive ‘ or not. As McAuley(2000:246) said that in the theatre, due to the live presence of both spectators and performers, the energy circulates from performer to spectator and back again, from spectator to performer and back again. This is obvious that communication and exchange is implicit in their presence there together, engaging in and sharing the experience.


Interactivity plays a significant role in Choreography ,like the Popat (2006:34) points out: In interactive artworks the power given to the audience is far greater, and they are made aware of its experience. If the communication between artists(s) and viewer is to be two-way with mutual effect, then the focus of the artwork shifts. Instead of a completed product, the interactive artist design a framework that contains the potential for the creative experience of the participant. For me, it means that interactivity should connect Body, Space,Time with Technology together, besides, the audience’s reflection and performer’s experiences. In my work, I need to think about these materials.


I gave this video Link, I found that the choreographer puts all the materials in this work and attract audience’s eyes and makes the audience to think about the background and the movement, the gesture and dance vocabulary. That’s what I understand for ‘ Interactivity ‘.

Constructs of Time

Meet in a completely new territory, and build from that timeless time spent together…And really,that’s the only way I can see: to have time is to create time in performance.(Abramovic, cited in Thompson and Wesley 2005:48)


In previous studies, time is not important in choreography, and I don’t think Time is a very important part in Choreography. I create work according to the work’s theme and structure.If I want to describe a story, rely on their theme and the development of structure. But after finishing this course, I know the significance of Time. As Sylviane Agacinski points out in her wonderful study Time Passing:’awareness of time is neither pure nor originally,and it cannot be separated from the empirical contents that structure it'(2003:33). So, according to this task, I try to refine my work. I connect the constructs of Time with my work. I am sitting on the floor, using my heart  to feel the Time. I saw the candles on the corner of wall, keep gazing….


During gaze, I brewing emotion and use the candles to recall my memories. The Time follows content and structure. From my perspective, Time can only go forward, can not stop. Henri Bergoson’s Matter and Memory(1896) notion that ‘what I call’ my present’ has one foot in my past, and another in the future’. This sentence is meaningful to me, and let me to think about the constructs of time. Actually, this sentence is emphasize the creation of new works and techniques to replace the traditions of what was perceived to be a wholly decadent past. Therefore, in my work, it can combine with the speed of time. slow, quick,stop,static…


Think about readings


Noe argues that perception is a ‘skillful [bodily] activity’, and is not just the reception and decoding/processing of information/data from the world out there.Instead,it requires that we move through,inhabit and act in the world-a kind of ‘practical knowledge’ or ‘know-how'(Noe 2004:11).It means that it can understand the real meaning through observation.



Space ought to open to each other so that spectators can see each other and move from one place to another. The overall feel of the theater ought to be a place where choices can be made, (Schechner 1994:30). Connect my work, the audience should see my work form the whole space, and I should create work from different space, such as corner and floor and so on.



‘What I call’ my present’ has one foot in my past, and another in the future'(Rush 1999:12) Time, for me,  it means that I can play with time.



Seven Easy Pieces and Performance Document(ation)s

By Benjamin D.Powell

The whole article describe the whole process about Seven Easy Pieces, watching the whole process and connect with video, I can understand produce some ideas form this performance. And it can help me easily understand performance and make me to think about it.